We can get down.

Glass Breaks

We’re pleased to announce our first release, ALR001, Glass Breaks, a production tool comprised solely of drum breaks by Will Glass.

Raised in the Detroit area, Glass taught himself rock and roll in his pre-teen years, then went on to study jazz during high school, and explore free improvisation during college in Montreal. Beginning around 2000 he began bringing these different approaches to the drumset together in searching the new rhythmic expanses opened up by J Dilla, Madlib, and ?uestlove, as  well as Pete Rock, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul et al.

Will Glass has played experimental pop with Dirty Projectors and Nat Baldwin; Afrobeat with Fela Kuti alum Baba Ola Jagun; rock and roll with Mike Watt, Crackpot and the Octagon; improvised music with Shalabi Effect, Balai Mecanique, and Ball Governor. He lives in Washington Heights, NYC.

This is how he describes this record:

“Glass Breaks was conceived not long after I started working at Fat Beats, when I saw how quickly drums-only “breaks” LPs went out the door. (These are DJ and production tools, intended for re-use by the record-buyer, with the beats usually being sampled from older recordings. While break records have simplified the beat-digging process that goes into Hip Hop production since the 80s, when comps like Ultimate Breaks and Beats would cherry-pick rare grooves and even loop the best parts, the Paul Nice Drum Libraries and newer All the Breaks series have taken things a step further, to offer up just drum parts, scores per LP).  I knew right away that I could make a similar record, of similar variety. So I did, recording beats in our in-house studio during lunch and after work. I then brought my trusty Gretsch’s to Fat Beats on a Saturday, recording a few takes of a long drum improvisation comprised of many breaks and grooves, tied together in a narrative instant-composition type-deal.

“Side A is 32 individual drum breaks; Side B is this 16-minute improvised piece. The idea being, it’s a DJ tool on Side A, and that plus some jazz exposition on Side B — Max Roach meets J Dilla is what I was going for. I’m grateful to Gary Lubansky, our Fat Beats intern, for engineering, to Adam Strauss for mastering, and to Dister for creating the dope artwork.”

Glass Breaks is available on 12″ vinyl at your local record store and on-line here.

Starting March 27 2012 it’s available for download at iTunes.

FAQ: can I sample Glass Breaks and use it in my own productions?

Answer: yes, you can! We request credit in all cases, but monetary compensation only occasionally (particularly in radio and film placements). Please email us at alightingrecords@gmail.com for more info. And keep in mind that Glass has many more beats where these came from…….


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